Application Form to Trade in the Rathmore Markets

Please Note…

  • All Vendors must have public liability insurance in place prior to commencement of trading. The Council must be specifically indemnified.
  • Please attach a copy of public liability insurance.
  • If vendors are booked for outdoors they must supply their own umbrella/canopy/gazebo/stall to commercial grade with a maximum size of 3m x 3m and sufficient weights to secure same.
  • If you intend to produce food or consumables of any kind at home You must register with your local health board. You can inform your local HSE/EHO that you intend to produce goods at home for sale at the markets. They will inspect your premises at some point, but it is not essential for the inspection to happen prior to beginning to trade.
  • If you are selling hot food, you will have to comply fully with all health and safety legislation and it is your responsibility to find out what is required. At a minimum, you will need a hot water hand-washing unit in your stall.
  • All perishable food must be kept at the correct temperatures and you must keep a record of the temperatures by using a calibrated temperature probe.
  • Payment will be accepted by Bank transfer. All vendors must pay two weeks in advance. Proof of standing order setup will be required prior to commencement of trading.

N.B. Purchase of above mentioned equipment or insurances may incur significant expense. Applicants should refrain from doing so until / unless offered a space in a market.

Rathmore Markets Management Rules And Regulations

Dates and Rates applicable to Market Vendors